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Speed Room Challenges Announced!

Been a very busy month so far outside of Mythlink development (and will continue to be), so no screenshots or videos this time around. Instead I present to you the current challenges planned for the speed room. There are currently four planned (compare to the gym room's three and the puzzle room's one), but this number can go down depending on the end results "fun factor". So, without further ado, here's what you can look forward to:

1) Dodge Balls: I know what you're thinking- dodgeball right? Well, sort of...lots of dodging but no fighting back! In this game various types of game balls will be thrown at players in increasing numbers. Get moving and last as long as you can against the onslaught!

2) Button Presser: Not going to win any awards on naming these games but substance over style right? In this game, a user will be surrounded on various sides by walls of buttons (think almost like Willy Wonka's fantastic elevator). The buttons will light up randomly and your goal is to press as many of the lit-up buttons as you can before getting overwhelmed.

3) Copycat Keep Up: It's 'Simon Says' with a speedy twist! A giant controller will appear in front of players and various buttons will light up. Try to keep up as long as you can with the AI controller. Unlike Simon Says, you don't get a break in between actions. Keep those fingers and thumbs moving!

4) Sprint Line: In my opinion, the most exhausting of the bunch. This game challenges users to move their arms up and down (simulating a 'sprinting' motion) as fast as they can. The faster you pump those arms, the faster you'll move in this stationary running game. How far can you make it in the allotted time?

So, these four parts will make up the Speed Room. Even with my busy September, I expect development to go smoothly as I've started to get the hang of working in VR. Looking forward to finishing up these games and a December release. As always, comments and questions welcome.