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Coming soon to "The Ocho"

That's right, the dodgeball game in the speed room is ready for it's showcase! Since I went through basically all of September with no time or capacity for game development and I still have 3 more games to bust out for the speed room before my release in December (January?), I'll keep this blog fairly short. For those that missed the title reference, check out the 2004 comedy film "Dodgeball", I think it is funny and very quotable.

There isn't a ton to say about this room, it's more or less what you probably expected from the game. Two launchers appear on sides of the room and will constantly throw various balls at the player with increasing frequency as the game progresses. Keep that body moving and dodge for as long as you can! Much like the other games, things get kicked up once you reach level 5 and the launchers themselves start to move and rotate around the room. Through my testing I found myself grinning as I tried to keep up with the onslaught of balls. I am definitely very thankful that I have lots of real estate in my VR room, as this game will likely be quite difficult for those with limited space- but hey, VR is all about utilizing space and players limited by that space will have the other speed room games to choose from. Also, a word of advice for those with wood flooring like me...take off your socks when playing this one!

In an attempt to improve the blog and showcase the "speed" games even better, instead of the usual picture, here is a gif of the dodgeball game for you to enjoy.

Look forward to the next update in November where I hope to cover the button presser and copycat keep up games.