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What Better Gift Than the Speed Room?

Usually I announce the release date for the new demos in advance, but this time I decided to switch it up. Call it a Christmas present. The Speed Room update for the Mythlink demo is available NOW! The demo includes the previously talked about dodgeball, button presser and copycat keep up games. Oh, and one more- the runner game! I haven't talked about runner too much on the blog so I'll take some time to do so now and finish up the blog with the trailer so you can see how it all ties together. Those with a keen eye will also notice the new lighting I've applied to the game. Everything looks much nicer!

The runner game is easily the most tiring game of them all (including the gym room, which surprised me). Runner ends up "sliding" your person around into the deep and mysterious cave of Mythlink. You control the speed of your "sliding" by pumping your arms up and down (simulating a running motion). The speed and distance of your pumps control how fast you slide. Luckily, thanks to the pumping arm motion, the sliding actually doesn't feel like sliding at all! Rather, it gives a pretty decent feeling of running. This one was a toughie, not so much to develop, but to test. I'm not joking when I say it's tiring. Especially when you're testing consistently and doing the game over and over again....well let me just say I got my exercise in for those days.

The release of this trailer (and demo on Steam) marks the end of the first phase of Mythlink. Now that the appetizers are complete, I'll be moving onto the development of the main course starting in January, which is, of course, the monster battling. I don't expect progress will be as glamorous as it has been this year, so my monthly blogs may not be quite as exciting but it should still be a fun adventure to share. I look forward to working on the main draw of the game and seeing how it all comes together. After all, the main reason I'm developing Mythlink is because I wanted to play a monster battling game in VR, so I can't wait to get to it! I do expect to return to the training rooms someday- specifically I'd like to add a more in-depth game to both the gym and speed rooms, while also adding some smaller mini games to the puzzle room. These goals are down the line once the monster battling is made as awesome as I hope it will be.

Anyway, enjoy the speed room trailer and see you next year!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!