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Baby It's Cold Outside, Let's Watch This Mythlink Video!

In light of the holiday spirit, I decided to actually deliver this month! The sound effects aren't in and I tried to overlay some generic YouTube music so the entire thing wasn't completely silent like last time, but that sadly seems to have failed and I don't know why. In any case, you'll find a much smoother gameplay experience video from start to finish against one of my friends. We did a best-of-3 match and the entire video has no cuts within it. Ignore the fact that I played terribly and lost every round...must be some kind of bug in there still...

Of course things are far from perfect, particularly in the "down time" between rounds and then if the Mythlink's get too close to each other they seem to get tied up a bit. However, I believe the progress is not terrible and I daresay we had fun playing. We were actually having a good enough time that we even did a few more matches than the ones shown here!

Next month, expect a longer blog post looking back at 2018 and then looking forward to 2019 plans. There are a ton of things to review, but I want the video to do the talking this month. Look forward to the next post early in January!