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A Lull Before the Holiday Storm

Another month with few words and even fewer things to show. A bunch of housekeeping done this month in preparation for an announcement next month...

What specifically do I mean with housekeeping? Mostly boring stuff unfortunately. With the overhauls to the puzzle and punching bag I had let code maintenance become woefully neglected. Much of what was done involved cleaning up code, adding appropriate comments for future support and so on.

However, there were two tidbits of polish added to the puzzle game. I know, I know. I said it was complete and this is a case of feature creep. Specifically, there has been a score effect added when layers are cleared similar to that of punching out a target in the punching bag. This allows for more clear indication of how many points are earned when clearing layers. The second is a change in how pieces are "reset" to the storage box. Previously, any time a piece was released and not in a valid position within the game grid, they would be reset to a default position in the storage box. Instead, now you can now throw pieces around and place them around the box however you would like instead of always resetting to a default position. This adds a little bit of strategy and fun to the game. I mean, who doesn't like throwing virtual objects around?